Materials, space and perspective. Imagine the light on the surfaces and keep in mind every little detail.

Carlota Ararà Arquitectura is specialized in the rehabilitation of houses and in the construction of new works but not industrialized, but rather, with care and detail. We work on projects of different sizes, different sizes, all personalized to the last detail.

I am a study of values. They work with artisans from different offices endowing each space with authenticity, guaranteeing the use of proximity products and ecological reduintl’empremta, without loss of functionality or aesthetics. We believe in local architecture, the integration with nature and the use of sustainable materials and systems for both the end user and the environment. Ens we specialize in energy efficiency, sustainability and healthy architecture.

Design a look to the future, allowing the countries to believe or vary according to their needs. We project open spaces, bright and matte, warm and functional. Study the environment where the habitat is located for gaudir of a close relationship with nature. We check that the economy of the project is adjusted to the needs of the client, opting for simple constructive systems and materials that confer simple and harmony to the whole, achieving beauty in simplicity.